Yieldnodes Review Is It A Scam Investment?

Yieldnodes uses Masternodes, a fundamental component of several cryptocurrencies and bitcoin networks, to passively create revenue and value. Generally, Yieldnodes offers servers for various uses and cryptocurrency initiatives but does not engage in trading. Imagine it as a node rental scheme with a proven history of success over time.

The team launches new masternode servers with your funds, maintains a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and manages several other cryptocurrency-related initiatives. 

This article contains a detailed Yield nodes review. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Generating Profit in Yieldnodes

Yieldnodes do not earn directly from the value of a currency as other trading services do. Their revenue comes from the functioning of the network and the activity of masternodes. The higher the activity level, the greater the number of transactions and fees collected by the system. 

This technique is a buffer against high volatility, generating a profit that is, on average, rather stable monthly. Because of this, the organization can provide a fantastic opportunity to earn money through masternoding, resulting in the much-desired passive income.


A Masternode, like any other full node, is a server node inside a network that processes and stores activities on a blockchain. Additionally, masternoding is an alternative method of monetization that relies on this type of technology or node.

However, one who operates a Masternode gains additional privileges not available to the average user. To become a Masternode operator, one must stake a certain quantity of the relevant currency, fulfill the necessary duty, and supply computational power as well as storage space.

By operating Masternodes with due diligence, monitoring, optimizing, and techniques, the operator may earn rewards depending on the proof of stake of the related currency, resulting in amazing earnings.

Pros and Cons of Yieldnodes

Check out Yieldnodes’ benefits and drawbacks below.


Yieldnodes is packed with perks that might be to the consumer’s advantage.

  1. The average monthly return is over 10%, which is quite high. It’s one of a kind, and you won’t be able to get it anywhere else; it’s a fantastic side hustle.
  1. There is a chance that the annual compounded rate will be greater than three times your initial investment.
  1. Earnings have nothing to do with the BTC/USD exchange rate. Therefore, the monthly return remained unchanged even when the rate declined.
  1. The team is open and honest, providing updates on the platform via a monthly newsletter, is easily reachable through help channels, and has received several rave reviews online.
  1. Only the compound rate needs to be modified; everything else can be left alone.
  1. Potential financiers must complete a Know Your Customer check.
  1. You can get in at just 500 Euros, or about 550 USD.


Yieldnodes also have disadvantages that have room for development.

  1. Like any cryptocurrency investment, your funds will be kept by a third party with no direct access by you. As soon as you part with your cash, dangers arise.
  1. No government agency has taken the time to oversee Yieldnodes.
  1. Masternoding uses alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  1. The funds are denominated in Euros rather than Bitcoin. So, the return is calculated from the Euro amount you initially invested.
  1. For six months following each deposit, your money at Yieldnodes will be unavailable for withdrawal. After that point, you can take a monthly distribution of your earnings. Each month, however, you’ll be given around a thousand Euros to either cash immediately or put on deposit.

Creating an Account in Yieldnodes

Once you’ve assessed the platform’s risk and return models and selected how much of your capital will be allocated to Yieldnodes, the entire procedure is straightforward.

  1. Create an account on https://members.yieldnodes.com/en/register.
  1. Sign the investment agreement and provide KYC information through email or phone. Also required: a photo ID and proof of address.
  1. Turn on authentication using Google Authentication under the Settings tab. This is crucial to one’s security.
  1. Invest the desired amount of Bitcoin in your account’s Bitcoin wallet by going to the “Members” tab.
  1. You’ll need to hold off until the transaction clears and the platform has had a chance to invest your money for seven days. Constant confirmation emails will be sent to you.
  1. In the Withdrawal section, set the monthly automatic reinvestment amount and the Compounding rate. The next step is to use the compounding impact to boost earnings over time.
  1. Afterward, you can now collect your monthly dividends.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

In which nations do Yieldnodes operate?

At the moment, members from any and all countries are welcome to join Yieldnodes.

Can I take my money out whenever I want?

Before being able to withdraw the entire amount of your original deposit, your payment will be locked up for six months.

Also, you may now use your available earnings to make a sudden withdrawal at any moment, although there is a fee for doing so.

What if I don’t have any crypto?

One of Yieldnodes’ many advantages is that it may be used without first purchasing bitcoin. You may use any major credit card or bank wire to make a payment.

Your payment will be converted to the company’s preferred cryptocurrency for masternoding without additional action. To get started quickly, you’ll need at least 500 Euros worth of Bitcoin.

Is Yieldnodes Audited?
Yes. Yielnodes do audits 2 times per year. To learn more about audits watch this short video;

We hope you enjoyed this Yieldnodes review. If you want to learn more visit yieldnodes.com.